The Synopsis

When Elif (26) picks up her brother Evren (23) from the park, after his weekly session coaching the youth football team, she has no idea her life is about to change forever.

She stops at the traffic light and a chocolate wrapper is thrown into their car. As a result of her brother confronting the teenagers responsible, a knife is brandished by one of the youths and Evren is violently punched to the ground…
Having witnessed the sudden and unjust death of her brother, Elif is left to adapt to a harsh reality. She knows she has to accept that her beloved brother is gone. In spite of the pain, Elif eventually manages to build up the courage to enter Evren’s room. There she is reminded of the enduring energy and spirit of her brother’s short life in his belongings left behind.

A newly discovered photo takes her on a journey towards remembering the light her brother brought into other people’s lives…

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  • Director's

    “The Chocolate Wrapper” was inspired by the true event of Evren Anil’s fatal incident. He was a healthy, intelligent, promising 23 year old man. On a summer’s day in August 2007, he was travelling in a car with his 26 year old sister Elif, through South London. Whilst waiting at a set of traffic lights, a half-eaten chocolate bar was suddenly thrown through their open car window.

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  • Producer's

    When Murat Kebir approached me and told me he was looking for a producer for his next film, I knew very little about the true events behind his proposed narrative.

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  • Exec Producer's

    Evren Anil was one of the extraordinary role models for British youth. He successfully completed his university and dedicated himself to nurture and educate young people apart his work.

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  • Evren Abi was funny, caring and always liked to squeeze my cheeks. The reason why his death was so unbearable to accept was because he was an angel. He was someone who was always respectful to his elders and a friend to the younger generation. He had a smile that warmed you inside. I have coincidentally followed in his footsteps. I studied at the college and the same university he attended, thus have had a chance to feel his presence and understand that part of his life. I really miss my cousin, I wish he never left. But they say god takes the ones he loves most early and I am very sure that was the reason why he left this earth. Peace be upon his soul.
    Ebru Bayir - Younger Cousin
    Just Graduated from an LLB Law degree at Kingston University
  • Evren Anil – A very special person who was a true example with the way he lived his amazing but short life. His educational and professional life personally inspired me to achieve some of the important goals I have today and most importantly, his devotion to teaching and assisting children will always be cherished within the local community which he was part of.
    Faruk KURT - close friend
  • He was typically the centre of attention in the group, with his animated stories, humorous and witty remarks. Never failing to keep everyone in his company happy. Its very sad that Evren passed away in this way.
    Kez Hassan - Close Friend
  • Evren was a star mentor, a successful student himself, he was an inspiration for many of his students. What he has done for others and the world remains and is immortal.
    Ali Riza Arslan -
    Worked together with Evren at
    Professional's Network's
    Careers Evening Events